Monday, September 19, 2011

What's happening this week September 19th - 23rd


We are quickly settling into our grade one routines & our timetable has been finalized. I will be posting it to our class website soon. Please note the following to assist your child in being prepared for these subject areas.
Gym - Day 1 & Day 5 Students should be prepared to participate in physical activity in the gym and should have a pair of indoor shoes that are kept at school.
Library - Day 4 Students are allowed to take home a library book each week provided they return their old book. Please take good care of these books so they can continue to be enjoyed by students for years to come.

This week during our literacy block we are continuing to learn our colour songs and will be focusing on short "a" word families. We are learning that there are three ways that we can read a book; read the words, read the pictures and retell the story. Using these strategies we will work on slowly increasing our independent reading time.

In numeracy we are continuing to sort things by looking at different attributes such as size, colour and shape. We have established some basic routines during Marvelous Math Minutes that allows us an opportunity to review basic numeracy concepts daily.
I have included a couple of screen capture pictures for you to see.

We will also be talking about rules and responsibilities and the importance of following these rules. Students will be asked to record some rules that they have in their home later this week.

Don't forget that this Wednesday is Meet the Teacher Night. Teachers will be in their classrooms from 5-6:30. Food and beverages will be sold by the Rotary Club as well.

Thanks for your continued support

Lise Fellbaum

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