Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween


A special thanks to all of the parents who sent in Hallowe'en treats on Friday. As can be seen by the pictures below it appeared as if we had visited a subdivision once all of the treats had been handed out.

Enjoy a safe and happy Hallowe'en.

Lise Fellbaum

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gosfield Wind Farm Presentation

Last week we were treated to a visit from one of the engineers from the Gosfield Wind Farm, as one of our students has a special connection and was able to convince our guest to come and visit.  Students were able to see first hand all of the steps involved in the construction of  a wind turbine.  It was interesting to see all of the different professions that are involved and all eyes were glued to the SMART board as we watched a  slide show showing all of the different stages.  As can be seen in the photos below another highlight was trying on the safety equipment.
Thanks so much to our special visitor.  If you should have any questions about the construction of the Gosfield Wind Farm please just ask one of us, since we are now quite familiar with the process involved:}
Lise Fellbaum

Construct Wind Farms / Crane Operator

What Will I Do For My Community Part 2

Our Community Presentations continue to be a lot of fun to listen to.  We have quite a variety of careers to prepare for.  It has also been great to welcome all of the guests to our classroom.  If you would still like to come please feel free to do so.  
Thanks again for your continued support of these presentations.
Lise Fellbaum

Build Fences with Dad

A Veternarian

A Race Car Driver
An Author & A Teacher

A Fireman
Work with Horses
A Policeman & A Farmer
An Author

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jolly Phonics You Tube


We have been using a program called Jolly Phonics to reinforce the quick recall of the letters' corresponding sounds. Each sound has an action associated with it. Thanks to Mrs. Mackay we now have a you tube that reviews the basic 26 sounds of the alphabet.

Lise Fellbaum

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pete the Cat - I Love My White Shoes


A good friend sent us a link to a story her class really enjoyed. Today we had a lot of fun watching and reading this live telling of the story Pete the Cat - I Love My White Shoes, written by Eric Litwin and illustrated by James Dean. This story has a great message for us all.


Lise Fellbaum

A Visit from a Daycare Supervisor


1F students had an opportunity today to learn about what it takes to run a daycare. We talked about all of the different things that make a child's experience at daycare a positive one. Then we did a science experiment together and were given some levelled books to add to our library. Students were also given a sample of the mysterious Goopy Goo to take home. What an exciting way to begin our day. Many thanks for all of our goodies today !

This is the recipe for Goopy Goo if you would like to try it at home.

Goopy Goo

Begin with 4 teaspoons of Borax.

Mix 1 cup of hot water and leave this in a separate container.

In a different container pour one cup of white glue and mix it with one cup of water.

Then pour the glue solution into the Borax solution and observe what happens.

Do not mix it but just swish it around in the bowl.

Yank it out and place on cookie sheet. There will be some excess liquid.

The video below highlights the fun we had today.

Lise Fellbaum

Monday, October 11, 2010

Parent Presentations

1F students have really enjoyed our parent presentations thus far. A special thanks to our parents that have generously given of their time to share their professions with us. We have been treated to a visit from a hairdresser and were given some hair products to try at home. We enjoyed some tasty treats as we learned about owning your own landscaping and trucking business. Lastly students were given some recycled cell phones to add to their dramatic play collections at home as we learned about the cell phone business and how important cell phones have become in our community.
We are looking forward to our future visits. If you should have an opportunity to visit please let us know.
Lise Fellbaum

A Visit from our Community Police Officer

During one of our student presentations last week we were treated to a visit from Officer Bertoni, who has been assigned to GNPS as our community liason officer this year. Officer Bertoni spoke to the grade one students about his job and the role of a police officer in the community. Students had an opportunity to ask questions and view his uniform and equipment. As can be seen in the pic below, Officer Bertoni's visit coincided perfectly with our student presentation that day.
Lise Fellbaum

What Will I Do for my Community Part 1

We have had a great deal of fun listening to our presentations on our future community contributions. Students are doing a fantastic job sharing their ideas, speaking clearly and answering questions from their audience. Keep tuned for some pics from this week's presentations.
Lise Fellbaum

A Quilt Designer/Maker

An Equestrian

An Artist

A Police Officer

An OPP Officer

A Landscaper & Truck Driver

A Life Guard

A Veterinarian

Happy Thanksgiving


I have had some minor technical difficulties but am happy to say we are back to blogging. I am hopeful that everyone enjoyed our beautiful turkey artwork and was treated to our animated Turkey song. An extra day to a weekend is always a nice treat!

Thanks for your continued support.

Lise Fellbaum