Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Visit from a Daycare Supervisor


1F students had an opportunity today to learn about what it takes to run a daycare. We talked about all of the different things that make a child's experience at daycare a positive one. Then we did a science experiment together and were given some levelled books to add to our library. Students were also given a sample of the mysterious Goopy Goo to take home. What an exciting way to begin our day. Many thanks for all of our goodies today !

This is the recipe for Goopy Goo if you would like to try it at home.

Goopy Goo

Begin with 4 teaspoons of Borax.

Mix 1 cup of hot water and leave this in a separate container.

In a different container pour one cup of white glue and mix it with one cup of water.

Then pour the glue solution into the Borax solution and observe what happens.

Do not mix it but just swish it around in the bowl.

Yank it out and place on cookie sheet. There will be some excess liquid.

The video below highlights the fun we had today.

Lise Fellbaum

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  1. It was a pleasure to come and visit the grade 1 classroom. I truly enjoyed sharing all the information I had in regards to my career!
    The science experiment we did together was very exciting and messy!
    I would like to thank Ms. Fellbaum and all her wonderful students for the warm welcome! See you all soon and happy reading!
    L.I. Mom!