Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Short Vowel Review

We have been very busy this month reviewing the short vowel sounds. Here are some games that we have played on the SMART board that you can also play at home.
Ms. Fellbaum

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wall Wisher


In an attempt to get the students to participate in the blog I have found a fun application called Wall Wisher. I began the process by asking the students what they did on the weekend. I was pleasantly surprised to get to school today and see that Mackenzie had already responded:}

To get to Wall Wisher simply scroll down to the bottom of our blog and in the left hand corner click on "Post a Sticky." Simply type your response and post it.

Thanks for your support.

Lise Fellbaum

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today one of our parents, Mr. Elliott, very generously volunteered his time to share some poetry that he had written and is now published. 2F students were a very receptive audience and thoroughly enjoyed the visit.
We look forward to an opportunity to work with Mr. Elliott again and show off some of our rhyming skills as we attempt some poetry of our own later in the year.
Thanks again Mr. Elliott.

Lise Fellbaum & the 2F Gang

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Greetings to our 2F Families,

We are beginning to settle into our daily routines as our 2F community evolves. Our timetable will be finalized on Monday, September 21st. I will send home a copy of the timetable following and post it on the classroom website.

Your assistance in promptly returning all of the beginning of the year paperwork is much appreciated. Also, please remember to check the agendas daily, empty the note tote and initial on the appropriate date.

Students are very excited about our first project. Some students have already placed their photos on the 2F Timeline. It will be so much fun trying to remember who belongs to all of those adorable baby faces. Please assist your child in collecting items and reviewing the information being presented. Presentations will begin on Monday, September 21st.

I am hopeful to meet many new faces and catch up with others with whom I've already had the pleasure of working with at the GNPS Family Barbecue on September 23rd.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Lise Fellbaum

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 2 and still smilin'

It was so exciting to see all of the eager, smiling faces enter Room 18 today, ready to take on the new challenges in grade two. We are off to a great start and have been busy working to establish a positive learning community.

The new "balanced day" schedule appears to be a welcome change. Students really enjoy going outside to play first and I am pleased to see students taking their time eating during the nutrition part of the break. The following link has been helpful for me in preparing lunches so I have included it below.

Students were excited to receive their new agendas yesterday. All important information will be sent home in the plastic pouch. Please initial the agenda each evening. I will check them daily as well. If possible please send in $5.50 to assist in the cost of the agendas.

I certainly hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather.

Lise Fellbaum

Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to a new school year at Gosfield North Public School. My name is Lise Fellbaum and I will be your child's Grade 2 teacher this year. Please take a moment to bookmark our classroom website Our website will be updated throughout the year and will include general information, pictures, video and weblinks to a variety of curriculum related activities. I will be using this blog to communicate information.

I am looking forward to an exciting year as your child continues on their learning journey.

Lise Fellbaum