Sunday, September 11, 2011

What's Happening this week September 12th - 16th


1F students enjoyed a very successful start to the school year as they experienced coming to school, every day, for the first time. It was a busy week meeting new friends & learning new routines. By the time Friday rolled around we were ALL looking a little tired, teacher included:}

I am so excited for the year ahead and the learning adventures we will have. We have already formed a welcoming and accepting community of learners and will continue with more community building activities this week. Our "Me" bag presentations will give us a perfect opportunity to learn more about each other.

During our numeracy block we will be "dumping" our math kit to explore its' contents and will begin our first unit called "Patterning and Sorting."

During our literacy block we have been learning to make predictions while we are reading a story. This strategy encourages students to think about reading, and to develop that "I can´t wait to find out what happens" feeling. Predicting involves more than trying to figure out what happens next in a story. As students find evidence to form hunches, they also ask questions, recall facts, reread, skim, infer, draw conclusions, and, ultimately, comprehend the text more fully. When reading with your child at home stop periodically throughout the story and discuss what your child thinks will happen next, and what happened in the story to give them that idea.

In Science this week we are going to begin our first unit called Daily and Seasonal Cycles. As the fall season quickly approaches please take the time to discuss the changes happening all around us.

Thanks for your continued support
Lise Fellbaum

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