Monday, October 17, 2011

What's Happening this Week .... October 17th - 21st


The cooler fall weather is upon us and it is that time of year again when we start to get out the warmer fall clothing. Please label all of your child's items so they can be retrieved easily if they get lost. It is a good idea to dress your child in layers as our playground has little shelter from the wind.

This week I will begin using a diagnostic reading assessment tool, DRA, to determine your child's reading level and the strategies they use to decode words and understand what they have read. The information gathered from this assessment allows me to provide explicit instruction in small group and/or individual sessions based on the needs of each student. Students are independently using Raz Kids at school and are more than welcome to use this program at home as well.

We have spent the past five weeks reviewing the short vowel sounds and are working on our last short vowel, u. We have developed a repertoire of sentences in our agendas with words from the short vowel word families we generate together each morning. This has also provided us with a meaningful way to reinforce proper letter formation. Rereading these sentences together would be a great review for your child.

In Math we are moving on to our next unit with a focus on number relationships. On our class website there are many games that will assist your child in reinforcing these numeracy skills.

We have two special presentations this week as well. On Tuesday we will be watching a puppet presentation by Kids on Block on personal safety & on Thursday we have another puppet presentation entitled Rabbit and Bear Paws which presents a comical retelling of how North America was created.

Have a great week!
Lise Fellbaum

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