Friday, October 14, 2011

Fire Safety

Dear Parents,
This week was Fire Safety Week in Ontario and we were very lucky to get a visit from our local fire department. This visit provided students with a great opportunity to review some important fire safety rules. These are some of the rules we reviewed;
* If your clothes ever catch on fire; Stop, Drop and Roll!

* Never go back inside a burning building, not even for your favourite toy or pet.

* Make sure your family has picked a meeting place for everyone to meet outside and you have reviewed your escape plan if there is a fire.

* If you see smoke in your house, crawl under the smoke.

* If you think there is a fire, feel a door first with the back of your hand, to see if it is hot. If it is hot do not open the door.

* If you hear a voice calling be sure to answer because it could be a fireman looking for you.

* Never hide inside during a fire.

* Do not be afraid of a fireman when he is in his protective gear.

* Never play with lighters, matches, the stove, fireplaces or candles.

* Never dial 911 unless it is an emergency.

* If you cannot get out of your door then go out a window.

Lise Fellbaum

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