Sunday, September 19, 2010


All permission forms have been signed so we are ready to BLOG!

The purpose of this blog is to provide a showcase for activities in our classroom, student writing and art work and to provide school to home communication. I hope that students, families, and friends will leave comments after any of the posts on this blog. Just type into the comment box after the post. You do not need to include your email address here. To protect the privacy of our students, their work will only be identified by their initials. When you post a comment, please don’t include your surname. Just sign it as “A.R.’s Mom,” or “J.D.’s Grandpa” etc. All comments will be moderated by Ms. Fellbaum before they appear in the blog. PLEASE write us a comment. It is very motivating for the children to know that someone will be viewing their work.

Children should always be supervised when using the Internet. The intent of the website links included in this blog and on our website is to provide appropriate, and informative links. The safety of our children is paramount. Please report any link of concern immediately. Any ads, pop-ups, or inappropriate links that may appear are not endorsed by Ms. Fellbaum.

We are excited to begin.
Lise Fellbaum

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  1. Thanks for doing this blog, it's definitely a really great idea! We are looking forward to the next posts!