Thursday, November 3, 2011

Train the Brain


This week we added a word study component to our literacy block and we have decided to call this time, "Train your Brain." Each student has chosen five words from the Top 100 Fry Word List of Commom Words that they need to practice spelling based on a diagnostic test we did at the beginning of the week. These words have been recorded in their agenda. Throughout the week students will have an opportunity to "train their brains" and practice spelling these words properly. The majority of these words are rule breakers, or words that do not follow the phonetic rules. We have set up various activities where students can practice saying the word and then spelling it. We will also focus on a different spelling pattern each week, with this week's focus being on the "ing" rime. Throughout the week we see how many words we can make just by changing the onset, eg. adding the onset s makes "sing" and then we can change it to "sling" by adding an l. Please take a few mintues to review these words at home throughout the week. Before moving on to five new words students will have an opportunity to check and see if they can successfully spell their words independently.

Lise Fellbaum

Q-Tips and Water on the Chalk Board

Using the Mini Chalk Boards

Illustrating the words with Markers

Using the Alphabet Stamps

Web 2.0 Tools on the Laptops

Using the SMART Board Software

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