Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome Back to 2011!
We are quickly getting back into our routines after our two week vacation. It sounds like everyone had a great holiday! Please continue to check our blog often for updates and a virtual glimpse of our classroom.
Writing will be a major focus for us during the next month as we perfect our skills and focus on developing sentences that make sense and are interesting to the reader. We will continue with our word study focus and will begin List #6 next week. I am pleased to see that students are transferring their knowledge of these basic sight words to their daily writing.
This week we have been counting using dimes, nickels and pennies in math. A firm grasp of rote counting by fives and tens makes this job much easier. Next week we will move on to time to the hour, and then to the half hour.
Please keep sending in the shoe boxes. We will begin our project with them in a couple of weeks.
Thanks for your continued support or our program. If you have a minute please comment on the blog. We love reading the comments.
Lise Fellbaum

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  1. We are glad everyone had a great holiday!
    I just writing to let you know if you need any help with your shoebox projects i would love to come in and help!
    L.I. Mom